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Partner  Placement      and Firm  Combinations 

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Welcome and thank you for visiting us at Willow Wolff & Grace Company.  Please call us if you have questions and would like to discuss your objectives and see, if together, we can team to get the results you need.  

We are a boutique that has the backgrounds, listening skills, resources and commitment to achieve the successful outcome you are looking for.

About Us

Willow Wolff & Grace specializes in assisting successful attorneys achieve even greater success by affiliating with firms that are better suited for them to achieve their personal, practice, and financial goals. 


We understand 40% of Lateral Partners move again by their fourth year.  Our goal is to assist each attorney we work with in being in the 60% who stay at their new firm for the long term.

We assist mid-size and middle-market AMLAW firms in sourcing strategic lawyers and through law firm combinations and mergers to improve their competitive position by attracting attorneys with strong practices and superior financial performance in attractive markets.

We were founded in 1998 and are a California Corporation: C2065329.



Our mission is to help individuals, achieve their personal, practice, and career objectives and to be happy in their firm situation


Our mission is to assist groups and firms achieve their objectives incuding:


  • Expanding current practices

  • Adding new practices 

  • Expanding geographic reach

  • Expanding their client base in an industry

  • Increasing their practice area penetration in existing clients

  • Planning and hiring for succession in their critical practice areas

  • Planning for succession or growth by merging into or combining with a complementary firm 

  • Satisfying their clients' needs for other services

  • Replacing departing or retiring partners and teams

  • Improving their industry standing and financial performance 


We value and protect your privacy. We protect your identity in our contracts with prospective merger candidates. Once mutual interest has been established, we recommend signing Confidentiality Agreements before sharing your confidential information especially financials and clients.


We select and propose merger candidates  based on public information unless otherwise indicated. It includes client, financial and lawyer biographical and licensure information.


We ask that you provide us your gross annual revenues, your revenue per lawyer, hourly rates and annual billable hours. We will ask your permission to share this information on a case-by-case basis.


To enhance our working relationship, we ask that you agree to be responsive and forthcoming as negotiations progress and tell us when your start date is and the terms of your financial package.


Individuals, Groups, Mid-size, and middle-market AMLAW Law Firms who are committed to client satisfaction and growth serving: Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Businesses – Public, Private, and Non-Profit; Start-Ups, Family Run; and Fortune 1000 companies
 Core Practices frequently include:
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Tax
  • Wealth Planning
  • Family Law
  • IP and Patent
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity
  • Labor & Employment
Managing Partner Willow Wolff & Grace

Focused on You

We are dedicated to assisting individuals
and groups to affiliate with firms that
they will be happy and successful in
for the long term.

We are dedicated to assisting each of our
client Firms in finding Individuals, Groups,
and Firms who are a Cultural Fit, and have 
a compatible Practice, Business Objectives, and Financial Performance.

Hanako Yanagi

Team /

Managing Partner Willow Wolff & Grace (2)
Hanako Yanagi

Tel: 650-980-7656

  • Co-Managing Partner

  • Founder

  • Former attorney at Pillsbury Madison & Sutro (now Pillsbury Winthrop)

WWG RW Email Signature Photo
Rick Wolff

Tel: 650-980-3360

  • Co-Managing Partner

  • Former Equity Partner at Accenture

  • Former Sales Exec at IBM, DEC

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