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Our mission is to help Partners to achieve their personal, practice, and career objectives and to be happy in their firm situation


Our mission is to assist groups and firms achieve their objectives including:


  • Expanding current practices

  • Adding new practices 

  • Expanding geographic reach

  • Expanding their client base in an industry

  • Increasing their practice area penetration in existing clients

  • Planning and hiring for succession in their critical practice areas

  • Planning for succession or growth by merging into or combining with a complementary firm 

  • Satisfying their clients' needs for other services

  • Replacing departing or retiring partners and teams

  • Improving their industry standing and financial performance 


We value and protect your privacy. We protect your identity in our contracts with prospective merger candidates. Once mutual interest has been established, we recommend signing Confidentiality Agreements before sharing your confidential information especially financials and clients.


We select and propose merger candidates  based on public information unless otherwise indicated. It includes client, financial and lawyer biographical and licensure information.

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